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Broken Ice by Matt Goldman []



Private detective Nils Shapiro is back! Fans of Goldman’s Gone To Dust (2017) will not be disappointed. Some time has passed since the last book; Nils’s buddy Ellegard has joined him as a private investigator and taken over the business end of operations. Nils and Ellie are called in to look for a missing teen who never returned from a high school championship hockey game. When the teen’s friend is also found dead, the case intensifies, not least because Nils is near-fatally shot with an arrow at the crime scene. The action moves from Minneapolis to small-town Warroad and back again as Nils and Ellie uncover more secrets than suspects. Like all good private eyes, they nominally cooperate with law enforcement officials while pursuing avenues of discovery unavailable to official channels. Nils continues to be brilliant and flawed, Ellie his eminently practical foil, and Minneapolis itself a major character. A darkness in the story not immediately evident to the reader or principals lends weight to the reading experience. In the midst of a compelling mystery, Goldman gradually introduces vivid supporting characters, such as medical examiner Char Northagen, with a finesse built on his background in stand-up and television writing, promising a long and enjoyable series. Recommended for fans of clever mysteries and witty detectives such as Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone.

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