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Catch Us When We Fall by Juliette Fay []



A compelling read from seasoned author Fay features the story of Cass Macklin: grieving the death of Ben, her boyfriend of nearly ten years, while newly pregnant, homeless, and scared. Cass spent most of the previous decade drunk, and is now faced with the challenge of creating a healthy life for herself and her baby with no friends nor funds to support these goals. After suffering a setback in her sobriety, she tracks down Ben’s brother Scott, a professional baseball player, to ask for help. Skeptical of her commitment to cleaning up, and sharing the same early life suffering that drove Ben to drink, Scott also has a lot to learn about life. Cass goes through rehab and moves into Scott’s spare room on the condition that she stay sober. Scott plays ball through the season, coming home between road trips to Cass as she attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and pursues her education. Their tentative agreement grows into a mutually supportive friendship that carries them through the birth of the baby and into the future.

Readers who enjoy an emotional journey including hope and redemption will be well satisfied with this story. Offer it to fans of Jacqueline Mitchard and Jodi Picoult.

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