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Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly []



Kelly is back with another epic tale of three overlapping women’s lives against the backdrop of history, this time a generation earlier (and starring the mother of one of her previous heroines) than 2017’s The Lilac Girls. The setting is World War I and the Russian Revolution; the stories are inspired by true events. New Yorker Eliza Ferriday returns home when her tour of Russia with her school friend Sofya Streshnayva, a cousin of the Romanovs, is cut short by the outbreak of war in Europe. Sofya’s family retires to their country estate to wait out the troubles while Eliza works to find refuge and employment for displaced Russians in America. Sofya hires a local peasant girl, Varinka, to help with her small son, unaware of Varinka’s revolutionary connections and the danger they pose to her family. Kelly’s gift is bringing to life and to light history that is often untold, stories of women and families far away from the front yet deeply affected by the decisions of leaders and efforts of fighters.

Readers who couldn’t put down the author’s debut are advised to clear their calendars when they get their hands on this one. A good match for fans of historical fiction, Marie Benedict and Lisa See, and viewers of period dramas.

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