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Mark Twain’s Autobiography, 1910-2010 by Michael Kupperman [, ]



Writer/illustrator Michael Kupperman drums up a thrilling, hilarious tale of what happened after Mark Twain had staged his death in 1910. Mark Twain is immortal. Wait, you didn’t know that?
Illustrations and short accompanying text highlight a century of the famed author’s mischief making. Kupperman obviously takes several liberties and also writes Twain a little crankier and crass than we’re used to reading, but he still manages to effectively live within the author’s witty voice. Twain’s stint as a shock jock radio host, experiments with psychedelics, space travel, advice to Charles Shultz, a psychic altercation with a doughnut shop employee (see below) and general shenanigans with his buddy Albert Einstein are just some of the episodes of this adventure.