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Room by Emma Donoghue []



Jack, a delightful, endearing 5 year old, narrates this unique and compelling novel that I could not put down until the last page. He describes the daily life and activities that are shared with his mother within the confines of an 11′ x 11′ room which is the only world that he has known. We soon learn that “Ma,” whose goal is to keep Jack safe, is a prisoner whose kidnapper makes late nightly visits while Jack is sleeping in a wardrobe. We are spared any descriptive shocking details of her experience because Jack tells the story from an innocent child’s perspective. His 5 year old voice is totally convincing as it portrays a lovable, intelligent boy who is happy in the secure environment that his mother provides where he has fun, plays, learns, and is entertained. All is cozy in room until things begin to change, and Ma realizes that they must get Outside.

This is the story of a mother and child’s love as well as one of abduction. It is an absorbing and spellbinding read, with moments of humor and tenderness. It stays in my mind, and Jack is unforgettable.

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