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The Shallows by Matt Goldman []



Nils Shapiro returns in his third adventure (Gone to Dust 2017, Broken Ice 2018), this time investigating the murder of a lawyer. Everyone involved seems to want to hire Nils to protect their own interests, while he wants to solve the crime. As usual, there’s more to the story than we first imagine. Goldman’s flair for dialogue and skill in weaving improbable circumstances into the central story continue to elevate Nils Shapiro from a standard private detective to a compelling character surrounded by good friends and better enemies. The law firm for which the deceased was a partner is affiliated with a rising politician and the story doesn’t entirely check out. The bereaved widow is dallying with a freethinking artist. The FBI is somehow involved. No one will tell Nils the whole story, so he has to work it out on his own, putting himself at risk while managing some interesting developments in his personal life.

Fans will be delighted to see Nils Shapiro again, and the mystery stands alone as a lure to new readers and future fans. For those who enjoy the lighter side of Michael Connelly and Robert Crais.

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