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There Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff []



I confess: I borrowed this book because the title reminded me of my favorite bumper sticker: DOG IS MY CO-PILOT. Also, that cloud poodle was kind of cute. You just can’t go wrong judging a book by its cover.
Anyway, this young adult novel gives the most convincing explanation yet of why the world is plagued with war, famine, bad weather, and carnivores that eat each other. In short, God is a self-absorbed teenage boy who is not paying attention. He can’t even pick up his clothes off the floor, let alone answer the mail from his billions of creations. When he’s moody, the earth erupts in natural disasters, and when he falls in love with a human, all hell breaks loose. This is my first acquaintance with the witty and irreverent Meg Rosoff and I’ll be looking forward to reading more, for the laughs, the originality and the covers.

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