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Staff Picks Category: Manhood

Alfie []



Lewis Gilbert’s 1966 masterpiece drama/comedy stars Michael Caine in the title role. Alfie is a street smart character who is here only to enjoy life and often has little consideration for others. He moves quickly from partner to partner (sometimes in seedy arrangements), but is eventually forced to come to terms with his reckless behavior, lack of income and aging body. Alfie sports an interesting storytelling model: either to have a quick laugh or explain how he’s feeling at any given time, Caine often breaks the fourth wall to converse with the viewer.

With supporting characters played by Shelly Winters, Jane Asher and Denholm Elliott, clever comedic dialog, twists and turns to the tragic and a swinging jazz score by Sonny Rollins, Alfie remains one of the richest films to ever grace the screen.

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