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Staff Picks Category: Wyoming

Hell is Empty by Craig Johnson []



Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire series is one of my favorites. Part mystery, part western, set in the remote and mythical Absaroka County, Wyoming with a wonderful cast of characters, with sheriff Walt Longmire at the center. I was thrilled when I heard that A&E has been filming the new series Longmire based on these books.
Walt starts off on routine prisoner exchange, dreaming of lasagna and his daughter’s upcoming marriage. The prisoner exchange hits some complications and Walt heads off into the Bighorn Mountains after the prisoner Raynaud Shade, a Crow Indian and a sociopath who claims to hear voices and seems to know that the (same?) voices have also spoken to Walt when he has been in the mountains. Walt is led through the icy hell of the peaks of Wyoming by Virgil, coming across his own demons, and yes, carrying Dante’s Inferno to complete the metaphor. The latest in the Walt Longmire series; start with The Cold Dish.

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