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For Love and Country by Candace Waters []



During the months following the Pearl Harbor attack and full involvement of the United States in World War II, Lottie Palmer (of the Detroit Palmers) decides she wants to do something that matters with her life. When she informs her fiancé the day before their wedding, he doesn’t understand at all why she might willingly leave her privileged life, so the next morning she tells her mother, packs a bag, and runs away to join the Navy WAVES. Lottie’s mechanical skills are confirmed during basic training, where she and her assigned roommate Maggie have so little in common they can’t have a civil conversation. After further training, Lottie’s assigned to an airplane mechanic division in Pearl Harbor, where she is the only female (and best mechanic) on a team repairing and restoring aircraft for deployment. After repeatedly being assigned together, Lottie and Maggie develop from nemeses to friends, experiencing the war at closer range than most. After the battle at Iwo Jima, the base is filled with wounded–including Lottie’s erstwhile fiancé, forcing her to deal with their relationship and her feelings for a superior officer. When Lottie defies orders to undertake a daring rescue, her military career ends and the rest of her life begins.

Well researched and engaging, Waters tells a tale that’s a good fit for fans of Therese Anne Fowler and Marie Benedict, and others who enjoy historical fiction centering women’s experiences.

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