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Keep Me Posted by Lisa Beazley []



Stay-at-home mom Cassie and her expat sister Sid make a drunken Christmas pact to reconnect by corresponding only through handwritten mail for a year. Cassie scans their letters for posterity, saving them to a private blog.

Cassie has three-year-old twins, a tiny West Village apartment, and a caring husband. She feels vaguely dissatisfied and uncertain how to cope. Sid has a teenage son, a toddler, and a distant husband. She’s easygoing but has to confront her husband’s infidelity. Their correspondence is intimate and open and safe for them both. When a technical glitch makes the blog public, the sisters become famous without their knowledge. Cassie discovers it through a magazine blurb and has to come clean to her husband, Sid, and their families.

A satisfying debut in the field of women’s fiction, Beazley creates some real moments of concern for our heroine and her relationships with her loved ones.

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