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Popisho by Leone Ross []



I highly recommend Popisho, by Leone Ross.
Popisho is a magical realist adventure set in a fictional island in the Caribbean, where everyone is born with a little magic of their very own. This was the least predictable novel I have ever read, full of mischievous surprises and rich details that act on all of the five senses. The story introduces dozens of characters, but focuses on a day in the life of Xavier Redchoose, who is the islands Macaenus–chosen by the gods to serve each person the perfect meal at the perfect time in their life. The characters struggle with fate, class conflict, grief, addiction, and lost love, but the story is suffused with hope and community. I love the way magic works in this world, and it left me feeling a lot more open to astonishment and joy in the world around me. Read it!

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