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The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller []



After accidentally setting her fancy Boston workplace on fire, pastry chef Livvy flees to Vermont where her best friend helps her get a job at the local bed and breakfast, turning a temporary escape into something more. Livvy’s tetchy new employer has a hidden agenda: to regain blue ribbon status in the annual apple pie contest. Gradually, the directionless orphan and her trusty dog are drawn into the town and grow involved with its denizens. Her best friend gets pregnant and needs Livvy to stay close by. Her chef colleague develops a crush on her. The local contra dance band has an opening for her and her banjo. When Livvy’s path crosses that of the kindly neighbors’ prodigal son, her connection deepens. She takes a few wrong turns and has to find her way back from another instance of flight before she finds her happy ending. Pastry descriptions will require a bakery jaunt to make it through, and readers can bake their own blue ribbon apple pie from Livvy’s recipe.

This is a fun read for romance readers as well as folks who don’t think they like romance

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