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The Paris Secret by Karen Swan []



Fine arts agent Flora Sykes is called from London to Paris on an intriguing assignment: evaluate the contents of an apartment untouched for decades and filled with priceless works of art. Apparently shut up during World War II by absentee owners, the apartment was discovered by an intruder who alerted the family’s solicitors. The Vermeil family has the means to maintain an apartment without noticing the expense, and their solicitors concealed the information for over seventy years. Now that the secret is out, Flora is asked to establish provenance and value for each item in the collection. Her research uncovers more than just the chain of ownership, and draws her into Vermeil family drama. Moving in glamorous social circles and high stakes auctions, Flora negotiates the needs of everyone involved, from her flighty boss to their wealthy clients, while coping with her own family crisis.

A former fashion editor, author Karen Swan brings an eye for detail to her descriptive prose. Fans of Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic looking for more sophistication will enjoy this.

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