The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library and Museum (“the Museum”) develops, provides access to, and preserves  historical materials and artifacts related to the lives of Calvin and Grace Coolidge, the presidency of Calvin Coolidge, and his lasting impact. The Museum provides opportunities for the public to engage, to facilitate conversations, and stimulate interactions on civics, history, President Coolidge’s life and political work, and current events.


  • We provide access to the collection, digitally and physically, for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds through exhibits, tours, programs, and outreach.
  • We follow the mission of our parent institution, the Forbes Library, by eliminating barriers to free and open access to the collection.
  • We work collaboratively with organizations holding related collections to create a cohesive history of President Coolidge, his life and times.
  • We place President Coolidge’s personal and professional life in context to tell a local, regional, state, national, and international story.
  • We provide space, opportunities, and resources that enhance civic literacy, assist with the creation of new work and scholarship, and expose connections between President Coolidge’s political impact and current events.
  • Our collection extends beyond the Coolidge presidency to tell the story of First Lady Grace Coolidge and the Coolidge family, and includes resources that appeal to visitors interested in life in the 1920s, politics, and local, regional, state, national, and international history.
  • The Museum strives to attract researchers and visitors from both near and far, and contributes to Northampton’s vibrant downtown and local economy.